Energy Efficiency = Monthly Energy Cost Reductions

Entic’s low-cost subscription service provides our customers with direct energy cost savings within 30 days of deployment. It is designed to provide energy analytics and energy optimization for the real-time analysis of a commercial building’s energy efficiency and performance, leading to direct and substantial monthly energy savings. The Entic service allows property owners, operators and vendor teams to go beyond traditional controls and objectively see what’s going on in their building and act on it.

Real-time fault detection of inefficiencies is provided by detailed cause, specific corrective action and complete financial impact associated with each fault. In basic terms, Entic’s subscription-based solutions are based on a level of cloud-based computational analysis, processing and data point triangulation which is unable to be provided by today’s premise-based servers and the related control and energy management software – most often found within enterprise facilities and engineering departments.

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Solutions Overview

Entic’s technology integrates with all standard building management systems (BMS) and infrastructures and can be implemented in as little as 30 days, providing office buildings, hospitals, hotels, universities, airports and other large facilities unprecedented visibility and performance.



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