About Us

What we do

Entic helps owners of commercial real estate portfolios to achieve substantial utility cost reduction and increased asset value through greater operational visibility and performance.

Used by some of the most recognized names in real estate, hospitality, healthcare and sports, Entic’s scalable approach delivers low-cost, no-cost opportunities for significant savings.

How we do it

Entic provides owners and real estate executives the ability to significantly increase net operating income across their large commercial and industrial real estate holdings. Its approach has documented portfolio-wide savings between 8-12% for clients such as Hilton Worldwide and Blackstone, and is quickly becoming the industry’s enterprise solution for large-scale utility waste reduction.


Our Story

Entic was formed when two neighbors, an electrical engineer and a seasoned software architect, began talking about the inefficiencies of building cooling, heating and ventilation systems. Despite mechanical and technical advances like variable frequency drives (VFD) and building management systems (BMS), peak performance levels remained elusive.

With central plants representing about 42% of a building’s total energy usage, they concluded that even a modest improvement could yield big savings, and they set out to find the answer.

As they began exploring ideas, it dawned on them: If modern avionics could fly an airplane with lower fuel consumption than a human pilot, then a building’s systems could be made smart enough to instantly respond to a variety of conditions and deliver better energy efficiency. With the right software, they reasoned a system could communicate continuously with a building’s different components, quickly process information and orchestrate them to achieve the desired results.

Once development and testing were completed, the results exceeded their expectations. Today, Entic has documented energy savings as high as 40%.


Our Name and Logo

The name “Entic” is derived from the words ‘energy’ and ‘analytics’. Our logo features the Greek letter eta in lowercase, emulating the “n” in our name. The eta symbol is used in various branches of science and engineering to represent efficiency.