Our leadership team features extensive experience in building controls, engineering, software architecture, telecommunications, and managing successful businesses around the globe.

Management Team


Zach Posner

President and CEO

Zach has sat on the Entic board of directors since 2016, and brings his extensive knowledge of the software industry along with his successful track record to Entic as President and CEO.

Carlos Diaz

Co-founder & Business Development

As Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Carlos has been an integral part of guiding the vision and technology behind Entic, including a new breed of cloud based analytics and constant commissioning.


Manuel Rosendo

Co-founder & Product Development

Co-Founder of Entic and Head of Product Development, Manuel “Manny” Rosendo draws upon 25 years of experience in the commercial building technology industry.

Brad McLean

Chief Technology Officer

Brad has over 20 years of software development, deployment, and operations experience spanning both small and medium size organizations.

John Totino

Director, Client Services

Over the past 30 years and within multiple industries, John’s extensive client services, account development and operations experience has consistently delivered exceptional results equally for customers and his affiliated companies.

Eduardo Uribazo

Director, Professional Services

Eddie has spent over 28 years in the HVAC and Controls industry, starting as an installation engineering technician and moving up the ranks to executive manager of a fortune 100 entire installation department.

Jorge Hernandez

Director, Energy Services

Jorge leads all Entic Energy Services and the Remote Energy Center managing all customer energy consumption. Prior to Entic, Jorge spent over 11 years in industrial leading Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson Controls/York and Daiken.