South Florida Business Journal 2015 Business of the Year

1-25 employees: winner



20841 Johnson St., Suite 116,

Pembroke Pines 33029

(954) 391-7824

Entic’s success is tied into its mission of tackling a global problem that will benefit generations to come. Commercial buildings today produce 39 percent of the nation’s CO2 emissions and 70 percent of its electric demand – more than the transportation and industry sectors. Traditional building management methodologies have been focused on just keeping the lights on and working off inaccurate points.

Founded in 2011 by Carlos Diaz and Manny Rosendo with the idea to introduce business intelligence to commercial buildings, Entic is changing the way the industry approaches building management. Its cloud-based platform provides real-time business intelligence to manage energy efficiency, eliminate energy waste and drive costs savings.

Local successes include Broward Heath Medical Center, which has eliminated close to $500,000 of energy waste and over 3 million in excess kilowatt consumption. The Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood improved efficiency over 30 percent in the first three months and is on track to save more than $100,000 a year.

As a testament to the success of its model, over the past year, the company has experienced close to an eighteen-fold growth from a revenue perspective, and continued signing new customers in the local community.

Its people drive its success. A diverse, minority-owned business, the company fosters a strong environment of growth for its employees and gives back to the community. Of Entic’s 21 employees, 20 percent are women, Latin American, African-American or Asian-American.

The foundation for success has been driven by the long hours logged to ensure customers experience the maximum benefits from Entic technology. As such, the company boasts zero customer attrition rate and today serves 40 customers in Florida, New York, Georgia, Colorado, Puerto Rico and Panama – and is changing the way the world manages its resources, one building at a time.

Article Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/print-edition/2015/05/01/2015-business-of-the-year-awards.html