September 20, 2018
Entic: Shaping a Sustainable, Efficient and Smart Future with Next-Gen Analytics
October 17, 2018


data points connecting layered over buildings

Devices ability to collect data and communicate with each other via the Internet are revolutionizing the way we manage buildings. With sensors getting exponentially cheaper, we now have the ability to connect more physical objects than ever before changing the way facilities are viewed. Buildings are in the middle of a large fundamental paradigm shift converting management methodologies from traditionally what has been a very reactive approach to a proactive “in the moment” approach to eliminate energy waste.

Today there are about 14 billion connected devices and that number is expected to grow to anywhere between 50-100 billion by 2020 according to various researches. As our assets become more interconnected, the challenge will not be collecting the data, but more so making sense of the data. The ability to now assess real time energy efficiency of your assets individually and at a systematic level is going to change the way manage them. More importantly for executive stakeholders, they must have measure to track their performance and make sense of the data to eliminate energy waste and reduce costs.

Here are a couple steps Entic is taking to help CEO, CFO, COO, and General Managers be prepared to manage their assets more efficiently:

Key Performance Indicators
Many executives managing businesses with large real estate holdings are often intimidated by the engineering nuances of building management. They often rely on their engineer’s expertise to ensure the building is running and efficient. Now with technology like Entic’s business intelligence platform, KPI information is available to key executive stakeholders showing them in laymen terms how efficient their assets are in real time, energy waste in dollars, and savings potential.

Understand Your Baseline
Currently most buildings do not know their baseline from an energy efficiency standpoint. The ability to understand where your building current performance is at and more importantly, how it should be performing are key to ensuring the buildings Peak Performance™. Understand, track, and change!

Take Control Over Your Data
Business Intelligence has been applied to every aspect of your business except for managing your facilities energy efficiency. Dollars are being left on the table without the real time analytics and insight needed to manage it. Entic is helping executives across the board today take control over the data, apply leading IoT devices to make their buildings smarter, drive efficiency, and ultimate lead to cost savings.