How Does Entic Work?


We Work With Your Existing Building Systems


We Capture Your Data


We Turn Your Data into Value

Our Solution

Entic helps you reduce waste by turning your building data into value.

We help building owners and operators attain peak energy performance, reduce operational costs and achieve significant asset value with our cloud-based building analytics platform.


Entic Offering

Solution and Process

  • Entic installs communication device
  • Entic connects to BMS and pulls data from available sensors
  • BMS provides mainly air handler data

Analytics via Entic Microsite:

  • Chiller plant prescriptions*
  • Building Tonnage*
  • Utility consumption and demand*

Prescriptive Recommendations via Entic Microsite:

  • Chiller plant efficiency*
    • Energy wasting valve
    • Cooling supply air temperature setpoint adherence
    • Outdoor air and economizer
    • Failed sensor
    • Simultaneous heating and cooling
    • Heating supply air temperature setpoint adherence
    • Chilled water temperature reset
    • Hot water supply temperature reset
    • Manual Override

Performance Tracking & Reporting:

  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Scorecard for Portfolio Clients
*If required BMS data points available

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