Problems we solve:

Reducing energy waste

Entic’s continuous diagnostics solution reduces enterprise-wide utility spend by




Capture real-time data from sensors and BMS. Software platform identifies and trends your energy consumption



Specific actions are generated that guide building engineers to act with certainty to resolve issues.



Building efficiency gains become more sustainable and asset value increases.

Commercial real estate owners have demonstrated an increased appetite for more data in energy management and monitoring tools. This is firmly rooted in a desire to support sustainability goals and embrace energy efficiency as means of enhancing the value of their investments. Building owners and facility managers are also seeking to achieve differentiators on legacy systems, but are faced with limited staff, siloed systems, and a lack of real-time operating data.

A typical building over spends


on their utilities

Buildings over spend by


on emergency repairs

Buildings over spend


on maintenance



of buildings are running inefficiently

According to ENERGY STAR, the average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes.   This is due to drift, or the degradation in the building performance over time. Causes include building design flaws, construction mistakes and malfunctioning equipment. This leads to equipment failure, unnecessary energy use and compromised indoor air quality. The longer these issues remain unchecked, the more expensive they become to rectify. Depending on how long these problems go unaddressed, the financial impact could be staggering.

Even though HVAC typically constitutes 40% of a commercial building’s total energy usage, energy efficiency is a relatively new consideration for commercial HVAC design. Achieving HVAC energy reduction is rapidly becoming a priority. Commercial building owners are searching for ways to be more competitive, increase asset value and satisfy “green” corporate social responsibility goals while meeting new government regulations for higher levels of energy efficiency. In addition, facilities managers cannot improve what they do not understand or know.

Establishing an energy reduction goal offers benefits that carbon reduction goals do not in today’s business climate. Energy reduction directly translates to dollar savings, which is easier to sell internally, especially to line managers and board members who are skeptical about climate change. Reduced energy use is straightforward to understand by many in the company, as energy reduction is easier to measure than the savings from reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


What the buildings cannot find, the Entic analytic platform can… and we find issues in all unexpected places. Our cloud-based approach delivers an easy to use web access to gain actionable insights to improve efficiency and boost financial impact.

Even the most sophisticated buildings can be up to 30% inefficient. Our documented success reduces waste, leading to a direct increase in net operating income.

We help you stay ahead of drift, before it impacts your safety, comfort and bottom line. Our Continuous Diagnostics approach provides year-round, real-time monitoring of utility consuming systems that helps ensure peak performance and allows for efficiency gains.

Our Professional Energy Services Team acts as an extension to your facilities management staff. Our Remote Energy Monitoring Center is staffed with HVAC system experts and experienced engineers. This team can provide services to help facilities managers to resolve prescriptions. Pricing varies depending on the subscription package.